Tectonic provides IBM Watson Conversation chatbot development,  and broader IBM Cloud development at unbeatable value through our nearshore and farshore development facilities. 

“Our bot was was built and is being digitally marketed by Tectonic. It brings real conversations around GDPR and our consultancy to us and has already produced a number of opportunities”. Andy Smith

CEO, Corpdata Ltd

5 applications for blockchain in your business

5 applications for blockchain in your business The blockchain is now an exciting new alternative to traditional currency, centralized banking, and transaction methods that is not only changing the way we handle financial transactions, but also alternative uses that...

Some of our projects

The bot business

“I don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. And no one wants to have to install a new app for every business or service that they interact with. We think you should be able to message a business, in the same way you would message a friend.”  –  Mark Zuckerberg

Some Clients


Your Cloud Journey

Marketing automation and microsite to augment tele.


Pure Systems

Campaign and microsite to build demand for IBM Pure Systems


White labeled Digital

Content production, distribution and measurement, in-house/ external.


Content and Campaigns

Mutiple websites, videos, campaigns and chatbots