Chatbot covering GDPR and their new GDPR Consultancy Service, DEPT679 built on IBM Watson Conversation.

Corpdata sell B2B marketing data to marketing agencies and businesses in the UK. They provide only the highest quality direct marketing data and keep it in prime condition with their UK based telephone research team, meaning the contact details are always accurate and relevant. As a result customers can be sure of excellent outcomes.

With GDPR looming in the EU, Corpdata decided to set up a new GDPR consultancy, DEPT679 (named after the department that created the regulations in the EU). Dept679 is a both a volume play for SME charging a low monthly fee for GDPR compliance as well as an Enterprise solution involving high value consultancy. However as part of the startup process they needed an innovative approach to marketing. The GDPR consultancy marketplace is crowded with many competing for business and traditional marketing methods do not stand out without large investment. They asked Tectonic for a new approach.

Tectonic’s advice was to build a GDPR chatbot to help garner interest in the new service and then to digitally market it. It’s built using IBM Watson Conversation, with a Node.Js backend and Cloudant DB in the IBM Cloud deployed using IBM Continuous Delivery. Following a 3 month dev phase the bot is continually monitored for improvement and updated daily.

“This bot is was built and is being digitally marketed by Tectonic. It brings real conversations around GDPR and our consultancy to us and has already produced a number of opportunities” – Dave Smith, Corpdata Ltd.