Chatbots are changing the world but we are a long way from real Artificial Intelligence.


And human beings are particularly bad at doing repetitive boring things which is where computers excel.

So what’s needed is a hybrid approach with both live chat and bot chat.


Escalate AI is the answer.

Hybrid Chat solution

Chatbots and Chat Agents

  • Allow bots and agents to work side by side servicing your customers
  • Bots do the heavy lifting and deal with the boring repetive work while agents can focus on the higher value and more complicated


  • Let your consumers connect 24/7  via web, Facebook, Slack, SMS and almost any popular message channel
  • Messaging is increasingly becoming the prevalent way of communicating for consumers – make your business talk to them like friends and family 

Reduce Costs

  • Studies show chatbots can save up to 48% of your costs
  • Use Escalate to form pools of agent resource to improve customer satisfaction

Measure and Respond

  • IBM Watson returns a confidence level in the bots response so if the bot doesn’t understand, it automatically offers an agent
  • IBM Watson can understand sentiment – this can be used to escalate chats to agent if it becomes necessary
  • Fully integrated analyics helps you fine tune your propostions through analysis of all chats and respones