Tectonic provides IBM cloud-based software development services at unbeatable value through our Bulgaria and Philippines facilities. We specialise in IBM Watson and in particular building chatbots using IBM Watson Conversation.

Our Watson capabilities extend to the broader Watson Services, IBM Watson IoT and IBM Watson Analytics. With a history in both IBM software and Digital Marketing, Tectonic is well placed to deliver solutions on IBM Cloud and Watson and to take advantage of a cloud-based world.


Tectonic has a sales and marketing capability onshore in the UK and uses far shore delivery based out of The Philippines. This allows us to know and understand local market conditions as well as to locally service our client’s needs while taking advantage of the unbeatable value and skills available in low-cost economies. Our Philippines team of 35 is skilled in all the regular modern web technology as well as IBM Cloud and IBM Watson.


Our model is perfectly suited to delivery via the Cloud. We only deploy onshore consultants (via our network of contractors) if a project requires it so that we do not carry the potential burden of a bench. We pay the best possible rates in The Philippines which means we attract the best talent. Since these rates are substantially lower than onshore, we do not carry the risk of an expensive onshore bench making our business stable and sustainable.


Our first engagements usually start with Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) and deliver quick time-to-value with the least possible risk to both our clients and us. Like most modern cloud projects, ours are built in small bursts which means our clients can see value before proceeding and both parties are not stuck with out of control budgets, unfinished work and unhappy users. Through this we build confidence in each other, minimise any exposures and aim to create successful long-term relationships.

We have deep knowledge of the traditional IBM Software Business as well as IBM’s newer Cloud business and are authorised resellers of both.